Projects to be Supported 2024

Projects to be supported

Each year World Day of Prayer offerings throughout the world go to projects chosen by the National Committees. World Day of Prayer Aotearoa New Zealand worked with the following organisations when selecting projects: Christian World Service, the Bible Society and the Interchurch Council for
Hospital Chaplaincy. 

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Christian World Service

The Department of Service to Palestinian Refugees (DSPR) of the Middle East Council of Churches – programme for women’s co-operatives in the West Bank.

Under military occupation, Palestine went through a development process that is different and slower than many other countries not facing occupation, violence, and economic stagnation.

Because of the unique environment, development efforts have taken many forms and shapes over the years, focusing on different actors including NGOs, civil society, private sector, and government institutions. Through these efforts women have even gained ground and have become more likely to take on more non-traditional roles, in addition to traditional housekeeping duties. Times of closures and restrictions, the loss of employment opportunities for men, and the freeze on taxes for the public sector have forced women to develop coping strategies that made many enter the formal and informal labour force. Many women engaged in co-operatives and associations to gain an increased income opportunity.

These co-operatives are a significant social and economic contributor to the West Bank economy, with 10% of families benefiting from their efforts

Interchurch Council for Hospital Chaplaincy in New Zealand

Chaplains are available for all patients, their families or whanau and members of staff, for people of all faiths and none,

The Bible Society

Child of Bethlehem Project


The Palestinian Bible Society’s “Child of Bethlehem” project has been running since 2006.

It is a mainstay project for them, and it aims to reach all Palestinian children and youth in churches, schools and youth groups who are living in Jerusalem, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip.

All funding for the project is very much appreciated. We are very grateful for the support of World Day of Prayer in supporting this project in 2024.