Children's Programme

World Day of Prayer Children’s Programme

Prepared by the WDP Committee of Taiwan – March 3, 2023

“I Have Heard About Your Faith”

Preparation for the facilitators

Some notes for program preparation:

  • Help the children practice all the songs that will be sung during the worship service ahead of time.
  • Post a world map on the wall and mark the location of Taiwan.
  • Make copies of the patterns of a head wreath in advance. The patterns can be found in Appendix
  • Have the supplies ready, including colored pencils, scissors, glue/tape. Explain the symbolic meaning of the wreath for the indigenous people in Taiwan while they are making their own.
  • Choose some of the creative games from Appendix 2 and intersperse them throughout the worship service. The games serve as Ice Breakers or ways to help the children learn more about Taiwan.
  • Have simple prizes prepared for the winners of the Ice Breakers.